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Health and Fitness +

What Is Fitness and Health?

PE has a new name – it’s Fitness and Health! Along with the new course title will come some great stuff through the year. Easily put, the program’s focus is the Health and Fitness of all 500 +/- Bullfrogs; hence the label The Bullfrog Nation.

Fitness: We’ll play all the sports, learn the rules, do a lot of stretching and try to break a sweat everyday. As the year progresses, we’ll have more opportunities such as basketball, baseball, volleyball unit and much more.

Health: We’re learning about nutrition, our bodies and beginning with the quadriceps muscle. As we move along all major muscles will be explored. Along with the Great Body Shop, H/F has a food of the week kids are encouraged to try. When they do, they can earn a Muscle Money – honor policy.

Athlete of the Week

Athlete of the Week –  Those kids demonstrating exemplar effort/participation (from today’s level) will be competing to be Mark Twain’s Athlete.  

Practice Like A Champion

As we always say in Health and Fitness, "You play like you practice!" Everyday, kids are encouraged to be their personal best by putting one foot forward and giving everything an honest try. Breaking a sweat, getting out of breath are both examples of practicing like a champion. Along with these two admirable accomplishments, H/F students must always keep a positive attitude where sportsmanship dominates over victory and pride in oneself helps to develop a lifelong love for physical fitness.

Be ready to work out during your class times. During Motivating Mondays, Training Tuesdays, Workout Wednesdays, Heart-Thumping Thursdays or Fitness Fridays, all Athletic  Scholars will select a sport from this year to train on for 30 minutes. Scholars will pick their sport (s), monitor their progress by recording the Exercise Heart Rates (EhR) and will self assess using our Sports Success Criteria.  4 -  Am I hot, sweaty, out of breath and / or exhausted?

Get active, stay active, be healthy!

Fitness and Health Resources

 -- To earn Muscle Money take the challenge and do two things.


Tell Coach two things you can do to be a champion and visit one of the sites above or below with mom or dad and tell Coach about your experience.